How We Hire at NESTT

We are dedicated to select the most qualified people to join our team and it is our goal to keep them on board for the long haul. Our recruitment process yields the highest caliber information security engineers in the industry while allowing applicants to determine if NESTT is the right fit for them.

As an Equal Opportunity Employer we ensure that the hiring process is transparent and that our applicants are provided with a positive recruiting experience. NESTT is always looking for innovative, creative, team-oriented, customer-centric security experts. In addition to someone that aligns with our values we are also looking for the following key traits during the interview process:


Leaders are owners. Leaders empower their colleagues and teammembers.They think long-term and don’t sacrifice value for results. Be ready to demonstrate how you are a leader that is focused on lifelong learning, self-improvement, and self-mastery. How have you worked to keep a customer’s trust? How do you inspire your teams to consistently deliver high quality services and processes?

Technical Prowess

What is the experience and background that sets you up for success with our company? Innovation and invention is in our DNA. Technology is the fundamental tool we wield to help our clients succeed in the constantly evolving cybersecurity landscape. Our technical positions require specific skill sets that you will have needed to master and exhibit.

Problem Solving

We expect and require invention from our teams. How do you demonstrate critical thinking and creative intellect? What are some ways you have simplified or automated a process that your employer never thought of before? Where do you look to get new ideas that will help you excel in projects and deliverables?


Our clients trust us with their most precious commodity: information. We never compromise their interests to further our own. Our commitment to quality is based on personal accountability and a commitment to do the right thing even when no one is looking. What does integrity mean to you and how do you promote it in the workplace?

Why NESTT is a Great Place to Build Your Career

We work with the brands you know and love. Our security experts get paid to break and rebuild then break again. We believe in our mission of obtaining zero risk from hackers and we’re hiring the best talent in the industry to achieve it.

We value our wellbeing, have intense passion for everything cyber, and most of all we look out for our clients. NESTT offers competitive salaries, flexible hours, and a welcoming environment. We profoundly believe in fostering and celebrating diversity and inclusion.

Become Part of an Elite Tech Team

If you are looking for unique professional opportunities and rewarding work coupled with the chance to collaborate with some of the best innovators in the business, NESTT is the place. Shoot us a text or email to explore what positions are currently available.

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