Password Audit

A password audit analyzes your company’s password policy. Weak passwords are one of the most common ways organizations become open to breaches. Our security engineers will perform a dump of all user hashes within an organization and hash cracking against the hashes to evaluate password strength. This audit enhances employee training and the overall security posture of your organization.

The NESTT Approach

Testing Methodology

Our security engineers base testing on the NIST SP 800-115 Technical Guide to Information Security Testing and Assessment, OWASP Testing Guide v.4, and customized testing frameworks.

NESTT Client Benefits

Proactive services: Threat intelligence provided on possible attack opportunities in your office and systems.

Collaboration with your internal team: Assessment of your IT team’s ability to prevent and respond to potential cyberattacks.

Protecting your most valuable assets: Ensure threat actors cannot access your data and intellectual property.

Reducing the impact of a cyber breach: Evaluation of your policies, procedures, and standards that drive your security program to support against future attacks.

Information confidentiality: Ensure compliance with government standards for testing and keeping information secure.

Modern techniques to fight modern hackers.

NESTT provides a full suite of services that help organizations manage and respond effectively to cybersecurity risk. Using our IDENTIFY, MITIGATE, MANAGE approach we help you get proactive in identifying current weak areas, create systems to mitigate cyberattack risk, and help you manage and maintain this improved security posture long-term.

  • Identify: We evaluate your ability to identify risk, critical data and systems, and core capabilities.

  • Measure: We evaluate your core safeguards for delivery of critical services and systems.

  • Detect: We assess your company’s ability to identify malicious activity in your platforms and environment.

  • Respond: We gauge your ability to respond during various cyberattacks and incidents.

  • Recover: We ensure your organization is able to maintain and restore services after a breach or attack.
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